Bath & Spa Acrylic

Bath & Spa Acrylic



SHIELD n PEEL BATH & SPA ACRYLIC virtually eliminates tub repairs and reduces clean up costs. It’s a water-based peelable coating that is applied onto the bathroom fixture, drying to form a durable temporary coating that protects the fixture from damage during the construction or renovation phase. It is removed in one piece, enclosing all trash and debris, revealing a fixture still in showroom condition.


Shield n Peel for Bath & Spa Acrylic provides protection for:

Bathtubs & spa baths


Toilets & sanitary fixtures

Enamels & acrylics

Gel-coated fibreglass

Vitreous china


Provides protection against:

Tools, bolts, screws, nails, etc

Mortar, render, plaster & paint

Dirt, dust, mud & grime

Most solvents

Light impact

Grinding & welding flecks


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Shield n Peel for Bath & Spa (Acrylic) 15L
Shield n Peel for Bath & Spa (Acrylic) 15L ..
Shield n Peel for Bath & Spa (Acrylic) 4L
Shield n Peel for Bath & Spa (Acrylic) 4L ..
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